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Environmental aspect – the organization’s activities, it’s products or services, which may be affected by each other to the environment, a significant environmental aspect is the one that has a significant impact on the environment.

The Weighting of aspects in our company shall be carried out under the following conditions:

The conditions for normal operations – routine, carried out under control, in the prescribed conditions.

Specific conditions – operations which depart from  normal functioning, but in a controlled manner or a temporary, are related e.g. repairs, maintenance intervals, starting the vehicle.

Environmental aspects are evaluated for impact on the environment (the quantity, level of security, coverage, frequency), existence of regulatory requirements, and generate nuisance to the parties concerned.

Aspects considered important (significant environmental aspects), are controlled by the monitoring and operator controls , these include: -

exhaust emissions,

fuel consumption,


emissions to the environment (oil leak, the vapors).

Confirmation of conformity of our vehicles with the European environmental requirements are received  certificates , issued by the manufacturers and authorized service stations. In the selection  of products suppliers and services we are also a caretaker in the protection of the environment.

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