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Alcopper Trans Logistics offers a wide range of vehicles for your disposal to meet your requirements and how best to adapt them to your needs. Our vehicles will reach each country in the European Union. By vehicles up to 1.5 tons we can take 8 pallets and deliver them to any destination in Europe within 30 hours from the point of loading. Consignments up to 3.5 tons will be loaded no to vehicles prepared for the transportation of 15 pallets. Providing mobility and instant delivery.

18 pallet type trucks with goods weighing 6.5 tons. For customers looking for maximum loading space we have vehicles with semi-trailers mega up 100m3. This vehicle can load 34 pallets weighing up to 25 tons.

Still not enough? Your requirements will be fulfilled by a tandem type truck with the capacity of 115m3 that can offer 38 pallet places and load capacity of 24 tons.

All the vehicles are TAUTLINER type trucks providing quick and easy access to cargo space on each side. Transport safety is secured by tarpaulins woofer for standard EN1264 and additional vehicle equipment. The driver has safety straps, the cross, held up with plastic washers to the corners and anti-slip belts.

We are a rare company, with BDE semi-trailers, to allow the use of all surfaces of the vehicle, thanks to the rear pillars movement of the back of the trailer. The loader has an easy access loading unusual products while not having limited vehicle width.

All of our vehicles are adapted for the carriage of dangerous goods and are monitored by the GPS system to the consignment has been safe and supervised all the time. Our well trained staff is used to provide advice in the field of transport and logistics. We are very aware that providing our truck for the loading or unloading of goods we represent your good selves in front of your customer and we’ll do it as good as possible. This is our prior objective.

We hope that our offer will meet your interest and you join among our customers.

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